Over the summer we had bunches of people in our crew. There were seven full-time engineers and four interns. We were so packed we had to move to high-density seating.

Then… over time…

As summer drew to a close the interns packed up and went back to school.

One left to go to some secret department in Amazon. No, don’t bother asking, I have no idea what he’s doing. The running joke is he’s working on the drones, but I’ll be damned if I know. Which is probably for the best.

Another left to go work at Google. He has a limited time in the states — a Chinese citizen who lives in Ecuador — so he wanted to get a range of experiences in quickly.

The last to leave was our old-timer. He’s been at Amazon for a goodly long time — 10 years now. He went to another group at Amazon. Not secret this time: Wireless. Working on setting up cell phones and the stuff that goes into that.

That leaves us with four of us.

We need some good folks. Java and web development experience is preferred. Smart is required. We’re working with HTML5 tech and Android at the moment, but we’re looking to grow that soon. If you want a go or if you know someone that could help out, let me know and I’ll submit your resume!


Oh, and the weather here is actually rather good. It doesn’t rain here all the time. Seriously. That’s just a ploy to keep you away.