A few weeks back I had a post about keys and pictures of keys.

When I did a search online I ran across KeysDuplicated.com claiming to be able to copy keys from pictures. They seemed a pretty legit outfit and I decided to try them out.

I wish I could post more pictures of the keys, but otherwise I would be falling into the same trap as what I wrote about before!

In any case, the keys arrived yesterday in my work mailbox. Honestly I think most of the delay was with the Amazon mail system than the folks cutting the keys. When I tried them out they worked exactly as well as advertised.

Something that I did notice is the exact profile of the keys — the one I started with and the one they cut — are different from each other. The flats where the pins ride are a little wider and some of the bumps are a bit differently shaped. But all that being said, the end result is just as good — if not better.


The top key is the new one that was cut, the bottom is the original from the picture I took. I tried to scale them as much the same as I could so you can accurately compare them. You can tell that the surface the pin rides on from the copy is a lot longer and flatter than the original key at the bottom. Same with the inter-pin ridge (or whatever it’s called), except now it’s shorter and less rounded — but that’s not a critical point by comparison.

It’s a cool process I have to admit. It’s slower and less instant gratification as En was pointing out, but at the same time it seems like it’s better in other ways.