I’ve made fun of the “overpriced” Tempur-Pedic stuff over time. Why would you spend over $100 on a pillow or the price of a used car for a mattress?

I had the opportunity to try one of their pillows. (Actually, one of their beds too, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger on something like that) I’m now a believer.

The problem that I always have is that I’m a side-sleeper with broad shoulders. Sure, broad shoulders is good with the ladies and all, but it make my head a bit higher off the bed when I’m sleeping. I’ve been hunting for a good pillow for years now. I’ve tried bunches with no real luck. A pillow that works for the first night seems to compress down to nothing in a few nights of slumber. I have to believe from what I can feel from this pillow that this thing will not collapse under the weight of my noggin.

I have to say that with one night with this pillow I woke up not sore for the first time in a while. That makes me happy.

I’ll report back after a while… but I have to say that I’m liking it so far. At least we had a 20%-off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond for it. I think it’s worth it!

Now, just to get over the price. I think I will.