This is perhaps too easy, but I think it’s a pretty cool use of the iPhone’s vibrate feature. (I’m guessing that Android can do the same thing too)

When I started to use the iPhone I set up the ring tone for texts to the morse code setting. It was an overly clicky “R.” “. – .”

That got me thinking: why not do that with my vibration.

And it works!

I did have to make one improvement from my original scheme — to have an alert letter to let me know to feel for it. I picked four dots (or, as it turns out, an “H”) to let me know to pay attention.

Just now, as I was writing the last sentence, I got an email. I know because it keyed “MA.” A text message is “TX.” Calendar-related stuff gets a “CL” (pictured above). Voicemail, unsurprisingly, is “VM.”

There’s a cool little idea that you might be able to use yourself!