The energy here in Seattle is amazing. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl — the “Big Game.” In the past two weeks I’ve seen the number 12 more times than I can really count.

From big things like flying a plane around

…or up in space even…

Every day as I drive by ZymoGenetics I see a massive 12 flag strung up between their smokestacks.

Buildings downtown have arranged their lights to stay on at night in the shape of a 12.

Between Day 1 North and Day 1 South there’s a span of flags hanging from a wire between the two buildings. That’s not ever talking about the post-it 12 in a window…

My building has a 12 flag in the lobby. Across the walkway at Bartell’s there’s another one looking back. We get a 12th Man phonetool icon when we scanned our badge at a bit of a celebration at work. (If you’ve been at Amazon you know that phonetool icons are much sought after!)

Speaking of Bartell’s, they have the biggest one they just unveiled.

And they’ve stopped some clocks at 12 down at Pike Market.

Most every business has a 12 in their window. Green and blue are covering the city.

Flying on top of the Space Needle.

I don’t think that everyone is just that big of a football fan. It’s just an unabiding love of the city. It’s pretty damn awesome.

And small… The much loved Green Lake stump. (It used to be a much loved tree that had to come down after a winter storm)

Tomorrow: The game on the TV, friends over, chili.