I’ve realized over the past couple of weeks I’ve been randomly angsty. It’s something that’s come up with dealings with my friends. Somehow I’m just feeling a bit off-center I suppose.

It’s probably a combination of a bunch of things happening around me. Mostly not under my control.

The easy thing is the short days. Even though the days are getting longer than they were in December and I’m seeing daylight when I leave work every night I’m still feeling a bit down from the months of darkness. I know one thing I can’t control is the tilt and rotation of the earth. I just have to get over it.

Then there’s the Ennie sans job thing. It’s not something that really affects me directly. We aren’t in a financial squeeze, but it’s something that is a bit different from the norm. I’m a creature of habit and it’s something that just pushes me away from that.

The other big thing is work. We’ve had a bit of turnover at work and things are different. It’s not like anything bad is happening at work for me. In many ways things are just fine… maybe more than fine for me. But it’s still a lot of change.

Any time there’s this much change around me all at once I guess it gets to me. It just makes me a bit more difficult to be around.

Just angsty I guess.

And I can’t even blame it on teen angst.