I was surfing around today a bit and noticed an interesting article on Slate. I had to double-check the date and everything. It turns out the 9th circuit appeals court said that sexual orientation is a protected status.

In 2011, attorneys for Abbott Laboratories dismissed a prospective juror prior to a blockbuster trial on account of his sexual orientation.

Here in Washington we’ve had legal same-sex marriage for around a year. Society hasn’t fallen apart. It’s just that people have more rights now than they had a bit ago. How are rights a bad thing?

People keep going on and of about protecting “traditional marriage.” Protecting it from what exactly?

My marriage to En isn’t any worse off than it was before. We are in no way diminished by what other people are doing — or not doing. More people are getting rights.

Rights are a good thing. More rights are almost always better than less.

So through a long and contorted legal process — that itself started with a legal process — things are a bit different. But things, in many ways, haven’t really changed at all. People still are who they are. People still fall in love. People can now marry — it’s just that more people can now.