That is all.

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Ok, so I want to write a scosh more.

The big difference that enabled the entire switch is a move to the Sonos Playbar. This allowed me to remove the receiver. The new Sonos is also the hum which allowed to to move the Sonos Connect to another location. The game systems are now on a need-to-play basis — if I want to play I just have to plug them in. It may not be ideal, but it’s certainly workable since I don’t use them very often. The speakers on the buttom and flanking the stand are (unsurprisingly) gone, also replaced by the Sonos as well.

The little TV stand/credenza is from Ikea in case you’re wondering. It’s part of the Hemnes line from them.

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At this point the next step is to free up the top of the stand and mount the TV and the Sonos to the wall.