Today on a forum I’m on I get a message… from someone I ran into back six years ago.

Red Baroness in Stewart, BC

This isn’t really news at all. It’s just an interesting thing — for me at least.

We ran into each other in Stewart, BC back in the summer of 2008. I remember taking the picture, and so does Ennie. The last time I saw her she was stopped outside of Stewart checking something on her bike.

Right about here:

The intersection of Glacier Highway and Highway 37 in BC. Why I remember that like yesterday I still have no idea. If you look around in street view they were right in front of the sign.

This was shortly before (the same day if I recall) where her bike had a catastrophic front-end failure (read: wheel became detached from the fork) that led to a broken arm.

I guess she was reading a thread from her ride report and noticed that I’m now in Seattle… where she lives.

It’s a small world!