This is a Valentine’s Day part 2 in many ways.

So, for the second year in a row we went to Savage Love Live  on Valentine’s Day. This is the third one of these and the second on Valentine’s Day if I recall correctly.

The theme of the last one was singles. The invitation went out to all the dateless last year. En and I were scofflaws and showed up anyway. This time around was “death.”

The featured guest was Caitlin Doughty, of Order of the Good Death and Ask A Mortician fame. Joining her was comedian Kristine Levine who’s been on Portlandia.

I would recommend that anyone go to one of these if you can. It’s a blast! We even got a cool parting gift! A scary one at that…

Well… maybe not that scary…

It is Valentine’s Day after all. ;-)

If you listen to next week’s podcast I’m sure you can catch all the good parts!