One thing that I have going on in the house is a variety of laptops of various vintages. There’s an old Dell from 2005 or so… the NetBook from 2008… There’s a few old Macs knocking around as well.

The issue at hand is, surprisingly, the exercise bike in the basement. The software for it wants to run on Windows, but the Windows machines are really rather too old. The money shot of the bike is a synced Google Earth view of where you’re riding (yes. it syncs the resistance and gears as well). The issue is the software is locked to one computer — ideally Windows.

Up until now I had it on my present laptop, but the problem with that is that it leaves Ennie out of the mix if she’s looking to ride it.

I also don’t want to buy another computer.

This leads to the experiment: take an underutilized (although old being a vintage 2009) MacBook Pro and seeing if that can take a load of running the software.

This would be a win-win. The computer will get put to good use and Ennie can use the exercise bike as well. The laptop’s gotten to a point where the battery is pretty toast so being plugged in isn’t that big of a burden in this case.

Right now as I’m typing this there’s a new install of OS X getting put on the machine — soon to be partitioned with Boot Camp and a new install of Windows 7 as well.

The good thing is this is really a zero-cost thing to play around with for me now. Everything has been fully depreciated.

I suppose this is really one of the reasons I don’t throw away or sell older computers — you never know when you’ll be wanting a spare machine.