Well, yesterday was a fail.

It seems that the MacBook Pro has sprung a leak or something. Before I replaced the hard drive with an SSD in the fall it was behaving a bit strangely.

The behavior I saw was the drive getting corrupt — randomly.

So I replaced the drive with an SSD. I figured the spinny drive gave up the ghost.

The new drive on its first install started doing the same thing. A reinstall got it working… Until yesterday.

I started to install Boot Camp, but the drive was too corrupt to reconfigure the drive. From there I reinstalled MacOS and then installed boot camp — successfully this time. The problem was Windows at that point… It wouldn’t work right. Updates would stall… random BSODs. All sorts of crap.

Today — Fry’s Electronics + a bit of elbow grease = new computer. (With the salvaged SSD from the MacBook)

I’m confident this one will work just fine.