As I wrote last week I’m out to lose a bit of weight. Almost three stone. Forty pounds.

So far I’ve lost almost seven pounds. Of course that’s how things go for me — the first few pounds drop off like it was nothing. The last ones I’m quite sure will be a bit harder.

That being said, I’m not well and truly training for a damn thing really.

Right now I’m burning an extra 500-800 calories on average per day. On top of that I’m consuming on average less than 1,800 calories a day.

Maybe I am training… I’m on pace to bike over 100 miles a week. Not quite Tour de France or anything, but not bad for me. There are some good rides around here in Seattle and I have a pretty schmick bike to ride them with.

I think I’ll be happier when I’m under 200 again… Soon…  :-)