When I woke up this morning before my workout early in the morning the sun was starting to poke over the Cascade mountains. It was a good sign.

I went out to my bike this morning like I do every day. For the last few months I’ve been wearing my winter riding gloves. They are pretty good gloves down to around 30˚ F or so.

Today when went out to the bike with my winter gloves stuffed in the helmet I did a double-take. I looked at the gloves and felt the air and I was compelled to go back in and swap them for my intermediate gloves. Gloves that aren’t padded to hell. I could feel the air. I could feel my controlled.

It really felt like spring

I could feel the spring air.

Crossing the I-5 bridge to go to work I was marveling at the mountains on either side of me. Of course they had snow caps on them. But I was riding in 50˚ air.