Screen capture from the Garmin site. Modified slightly for horizontal space for better fit on the blog. No actual content changed.

So I went to my Garmin app today to update my maps on my various devices. No problem, right? I have two devices that have lifetime maps and there’s a newly updated map available for them. Sweet!

I fired up Garmin Express (the app) and went to update.


The Garmin 390LM I have for my bike says I have to pay for the update. The “LM” in “390LM” is Lifetime Maps. You can even see on the Amazon detail page that it clearly says “free lifetime map updates.”

Garmin’s tech support pages are all messed up as well — I can’t email support since it gets trapped in a loop of pages before the question is submitted. Not only that, but the registered device that I have doesn’t show up in the damn drop down. Phone support is closed as well until Monday.


I’m sure this will get resolved with a call to support, but this is nothing short of really frustrating. You do the right things, but some row in a database somewhere is messed up.