GNU Free Documentation License - few weeks back I was contacted by an old acquaintance from a ride back in 2008. We met in Stewart, BC.

Tonight we got together over some coffee just up the hill from where I work. It was fun chatting about our adventures, past, present, and future. Somehow we did a good job of clicking like we knew each other for real and stuff.

Honestly, we spoke a few words back then and went on our ways. Today, it was like we knew each other. It was cool. Really cool.

Adventures. Jobs. Blogging. Blog platforms and hosting. Motorcycles. Seattle. Riding. All sorts of things.

On our way out… “Do you want to ride in Africa?”

“Why not?”


– = –

It’s not as strange as it sounds. One of her goals is to ride on all the continents. Africa is next.

Really, why not? I’ve never been to Africa (South Africa or Botswana if I recall), and I’ve certainly never ridden a bike there. So, why not?


I think it would be more than fun.