If you, or someone you know, wants to work at Amazon as a software developer we are hiring!

Basically, we’re looking for all sorts of people on the tech side of things:

Most SDE 1s are relatively new programmers. You’re expected to know the fundamentals of software development and be a quick learn
A more seasoned programmer. At this point you’re leading project or other larger effort and coming up with the design, coding (and helping others code) the product, and shipping it. You’re (like anyone) a leader.
The SDE 2 (above) and then some. You’re leading the team. You think of not just the design, but also the larger impact of the design and your decisions as it affects the rest of Amazon.
Someone who knows how to code and has a passion for testing — automated testing to be sure. We’re not looking for a test monkey to simply run scripts, but someone who can take a real lead getting us to have a super-high quality product. We’re not looking for a yes-man, we’re looking for someone who can stand up for ensuring we only ship the best products!

If you want a shot, reach out to me! Our group really does need people and we’re really motivated to get you on board ASAP!

If you’re not in Seattle, no problem. Assuming you’re hired, we’ll relocate you out here and help you get settled. Seattle, in all honesty, is an awesome city. If you’re looking for a change of pace, consider this! :-)