At work Rajinikanth comes up often enough that I’m starting to get a feel for the movies he’s in. My team is mostly Desi, with just one other “American.” I work with a bunch of Indians and a Pakistani. And Matt.

So, Rajni. The Superstar®. ;-)

My manager lent me a copy of Sivagi the Boss to watch. Staring, of course, Rajinikanth. I’ve never really watched an Indian movie before, and I suppose that this is just about jumping into the deep end. But I have to say it’s fun. I had to wire my TV to my laptop to get the subtitles since I can’t speak Tamil, but that’s a small price to pay.

To kick off the night we started off with some delish south Indian dosas, sambar and lassis at Chili’s — no, not the Chili’s you’re thinking of.

Then Rajni! Ohhh… The song and dance! The over worked plot! The costumes! The fight scenes! The “plot”!  :-D

I guess this is a bit of a taste of India. South India.

It’s almost like I’ve traveled a bit. Almost.

– = –

When I mentioned Rajni to my friend from Alaska (well, Seattle, but… yeah… whatever.) I got an eye roll: “Ahh, the South Indians…”  ;-)