En and I started to watch the Dakar rally — yes I know it’s way way late to watch since it’s been done for a month and a half.

I’ve written in the past that I would love to run in the Dakar at least once. I have no thought of winning, the chance of that is zip, zero, nada. I want to complete it, or at least try it.

When I first thought about what it would take my original guess was around a quarter of a million dollars — $250,000.

For some reason I looked around on the net. It’s a lot cheaper than I thought.


A bike built by Rally Management Services.

Rally Management Services can more or less set you up. They posted a sample budget.

It seems like a lot. I guess it is. A bit more than $5500 a day. $5500 a day to have the hardest vacation ever. Of course you get a bike at the end… (assuming you didn’t write it off) and $20K goes just for the registration fee.

Honestly, this is something that keeps me on my weight loss bit as well.

I guess this is something I’ll start saving for.  :-)