I got a Garmin Virb this week in preparation for some camping I was going to do this weekend. I was going to go camping until the weather turned all sour.  :-/

In any case, I got one and took a video — a very boring video — of my ride home from work yesterday.

I had the camera mounted on my right crash bar by my gas tank. What I realized is that there are some vibrational modes that I wasn’t really ready to deal with. Even with the stabilization turned on, the vibration at times is a bit more extreme than the camera can deal with.

That being said, the individual frames all look very nice.

Take a look at the original on SmugMug. It’s mostly original. I recompressed it from around 2.8GB to 1.1GB for Smug to accept it fine. A quick look at it though confirmed that the quality didn’t really suffer in a noticeable way. If you go there, make sure you click on the 1080 HD setting to get the full effect!

Oh, and by the way, going around the bar to get out of the garage is what I’m supposed to do!! I’m not being a scoff-law in any way!  :-)

I’m going to be playing around with this for a bit more and I’m going to post a fuller review once I get more of a handle on everything it offers.

On re-listening to the video (ignoring the wind noise), my bike’s engine at times sounds like a box of rocks. heh… Honestly, the engine design is a bit old skool… mostly air-cooled twin. With rocker arms everything. What you’re hearing is the cacophony of the valve train and injectors mixed with the rest of the engine noise.