The tires on my bike are getting quite long in tooth. I need some new rubber for the road.

This shouldn’t be a problem. I have the “spare” set of wheels that I had built for my by Woody’s Wheel Works and a set of tires that were waiting to get used.

Check out the machining on the hub. This is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

No problem.

I hauled the stuff up to the family room and spooned on the rear tire. Once I remembered how to do it it went on pretty painlessly. I went to seat the bead and luckily I noticed the problem: I was seeing bubbles from the spoke nipples.

This is as you can imagine a problem.

The wheels that Woody built me were magic in a way. These were conventional spoked wheels (BMW has their own magic) that normally need a tube to run correctly. The magic was some goop that Woody added to the drop center of the wheel to seal it up tight.

– = –

These wheels have a history to them.

I got them after I broke the stock front wheel on the Alaska trip in 2008. These were bombproof wheels. Lighter and stronger than stock. These went with me on the ill-fated Labrador trip in 2009. They got written off after the epic crash.

I tracked down the guy that got the salvaged bike and traded new BMW wheels for the custom set back in 2010.

There they sat in the shipping boxes. I didn’t feel the motivation to spoon on new tires while the ones on the bike were still OK.

– = –

The hub, machined out of hunk of aluminum, is a sight to behold. It brings a tear to your eye.

Hopefully Woody still does the magic. If not I can run tubes in the tubeless tires and call it a day… I just hope not to get a flat.