I mounted up a new tire a few days back.

Putting on the tire I remembered more or less how to do it in a not so stupid way. It went on without a lot of drama. Sure, there was a bit of a struggle at times, but I was victorious!

Then there was taking the tire off the leaking wheel. (Yep, as you read in the other post, the spoke nipples were leaking air) It should have been simple. Break the bead on each side, lever off one side of the tire, then essentially yank the tire off the wheel in one motion.

My tire didn’t cooperate.

Way more effort was spent removing the tire than I remembered.

Next I had to remove the old tire off the stock wheel. This went a lot faster. It still took longer, but it wasn’t measured in hours. Of course I now remember the trick to taking it off so next time will be easier. (Reach in with a small lever from the other side to help push it over the top)

Putting the new tire back on the wheel took less than ten minutes. Even then I needed a bit of help from En. And like with the removal process, afterward I remembered the Vice-Grip trick. You spoon one chunk of the tire into the wheel and then you secure it with a pair of vice grips. (Gently — it doesn’t require lots of force) This keeps that part of the tire inside the wheel as you walk the rest of the tire on. Ennie played the part of the Vice-Grips this time.

All the tricks that you learn over time to help you solve all those problems you encounter in life… that you have to re-learn after letting skills atrophy.