Ennie and I went out trap shooting again today. We both did ok. We both wanted to do better.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ0E84-aQPc]

My high score was 20 out of 25 and En managed a 19 (including 11 in a row if I recall!) I also pulled a 12 out of a single-double-double round. (You get five shots at each of the five stations of the course – one with a single clay, a pair one after the other (second on report), and a pair that’s a true double at the same time)

You always want to do better. You can say that if I manage to shoot a perfect 25 the next step would be to shoot two in a row. After that win some competitions. Where does it end?

You can say, in a way, it doesn’t end until you have a gold hanging around your neck or something. Even then, do you not strive to be better still?

– = –

We shot three rounds each. Three boxes. 75 shells.

The leading female (multiple olympic golds, etc) shoots 40 rounds a day. Every day.

I’m sure she wants to be better too. Even though, on the face of it, she’s already the best.