A goodly while back I wrote about ordering, then canceling the order for a Leica M Typ 240.

No, I didn’t buy one — or even order one today.

I did hold one. Well, not the M Typ 240, but an M7 with a fast 50mm lens mounted. It feels so good. The camera feels like it’s carved out of a solid hunk of brass. It’s solid. The focus is sweet.

The M Typ 240 is just like the M7 except a tad thicker, but otherwise it’s the same camera. It’s the same camera as the M3 from 1954. Ok, so it has metering. And no film. But it’s hard to tell them apart from a few feet away unless you know what you’re looking at.

Sure, one looks shiny and new, the other looks 60 years old. But other than the missing window to the left of the viewfinder they looks like siblings. Because they are. (The missing window used to illuminate the frame lines, the light now comes from LEDs)

One of these days… Then I have to worry about affording glass. (Which is one of the few things that go up in value in the field of photography)