A while ago I started to listen to Vampire Weekend.

Then, it turned out, we had them in town to play the Amazon winter party.

Lately I’ve been listening to them again. I can’t really say why I’ve latched onto them right now, but I have.

These guys are an incredibly political band. Their songs are intricate, fast, and full of meaning.

This begs the question about the meanings. I found a great little (big?) site: rapgenius.com. Not only do they show the lyrics of the songs, but they manage to have a huge amount of analysis of the songs themselves.

A good example of this is their page for Holiday. You would think this is a song about holidays. Nope. It’s about the US invasion of Iraq.

Another is Finger Back which even mentions Dostoyevsky’s second wife’s comments on a phrase. (!)

This is simply a fun site to explore.