Global Women Who RideThis is more of a shout of to Red, a frequent commenter here, for a project she’s working on. She’s working on the Global Women Who Ride project to interview women who ride motorcycles.

So, if you are a woman who rides or if you know someone who does, I would encourage reaching out to Rashmi and helping her out in her quest.

I only know of a couple myself. Ennie has ridden before (and has her endorsement), but presently is lacking a ride here. Someone else that has ridden quite a bit (but also lacks a bike) is Holly here in Seattle — she doesn’t ride because her bike was binned last year.  :-( Another chick is Angel back in Cleveland who rides presently. I’ll tag them in the Facebook repost.

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Which to me really begs the question: why is it that most women don’t ride. I know it’s considered a “guy” thing to do, but that doesn’t explain it. Sure, some bikes can get rather tall and it’s physically hard for the stature impaired to ride an enduro or something, but there are plenty of bikes that are quite suitable for the inseam challenged. This affects guys too, and they buy bikes, albeit shorter bikes, anyway.

There’s seems to be this notion that the place for a woman is on the back. It’s odd. And people  — both genders — seem to buy into that. It seems at best silly, at worse just plain sexist.

Unlike a lot of activities, things in the motorsport side of the world are pretty much level for men and women. There’s some aspect of physicality to be sure, but for the most part the machine is doing to heavy lifting. The fact that there is a machine is the leveler of the playing field.

So, why is it that women don’t ride nearly as much?

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Even if you’re not a woman, check out the project anyway. It’s cool!