Just a quick post for today — something you can use to save some $$ if you want.

Basically I’ve been using SmugMug to host my pictures for a goodly while now. I found out about them from Adventure Rider, am awesome motorcycle forum. I’m not 100% sure which came first, the SmugMug or the AdvRider, but they grew together.

So AdvRider is an awesome and free service run by the folks from SmugMug. I think they wanted a good photo hosting service for pictures of adventures — so they made one.

Now it’s a great service for a lot more people as well. In addition to random folks like me, they have a large pro contingent as well where they sell photos to clients. (Think: wedding and event photographers)

Once I joined Amazon I realized that they are a huge AWS client (this is public knowledge, nothing that I’m giving away here) so when I’m supporting them, I’m also supporting me. :-)

Why should you sign up and pay them? No ads. No limits on pictures. Big pictures. Hosting pictures for blogs and such. Good prices on prints. Good people and support.

And you can get 20% off if you use my coupon code: CdvynmIDOFG4c

Just click here and you don’t even have to type it in.

Yeah, so I’m shilling for them. Yeah, like I said, I think they’re good people and they have a good product.