At work we have an awful system for tracking people through the interview and hiring process called MRT.

It sucks. It’s slow. It is, at very best, clunky.

The biggest problem is that it’s good enough. Years ago someone in recruiting got pissed off at whatever even worse tool they had and over a weekend — or so goes the legend — made what became MRT. It solved his problem.

Over the years it grew and grew. It’s still clunky. There’s been efforts to try to replace it a number of times but they never stick because none of them solve the need as well.

I’m kind of in the same place with the blogging app that I’m making. First and foremost I’m making it for me. The problem I face is that I try to blog from the middle of nowhere and have a rich media experience. The problem with blogging in the middle of nowhere is that the connection can get a bit dodgy at times. Uploading a big picture is kinda-sorta hard when you’re struggling to get a few bits through the ether.

What I’m looking for is the ability to compose a good post with pictures offline. Then, when I get a bit of signal, I want to upload the post with the pictures going to my SmugMug account. Then I want to be able to update the pictures when I get a better connection to higher-res pictures and update the post to reflect the higher quality. If I can compose it WYSIWYG (or at least a semblance of it) even better.

In many ways the rest of the experience isn’t as important to me.

That’s where the trouble starts.  :-)  What works for me can be a heap of crap for someone else who’s needs are subtly different. My problem is solved, but someone else is now pissed off.

This is the crux of the problem with software development. To make something that works well enough that not too many people are pissed is mighty hard to pull off. No matter what you do someone will be pissed regardless so you can give up trying to please everyone.

In the end you have to solve your own need first. If anyone else can get utility out of it, bonus!