I guess this is a part of a series of posts over the years.

This is around 2 years and 2 weeks from the last post. At the time I was dealing with everything that would need to be done to sell off the house in Cleveland.

Now I’m sitting here in Seattle in my living room thinking about the past couple of years.

Two years ago I was all in a tizzy not even having the time to think. It was all about doing everything quickly and efficiently. We did it.

Now it is a lot more sedate and I have some time to reflect on things.

I guess the biggest thing is the “why” of the move. The big and obvious answer is Amazon. It is a great company to work for. Are there frustrations at times? Of course there are — it’s called “work” for a reason.

The job market here, En’s job hunt here notwithstanding, is a lot better than in northeast Ohio as well. There’s just a whole lot more going on here. There’s a critical mass of tech for me and a lot of big companies with En.

That’s the first-order answer.

Deeper than “job” is “area.”

The first time I stepped off the plane I felt a lot more at home. The other time I felt that was walking under the Golden Gate Bridge in 2009. This time was stronger. This time I knew this is where I belonged. There’s a vibe here that’s hard to describe.

You have to look at the “why nots” as well I suppose.

Ennie and I have family back in Cleveland. But that’s why there are planes and phones. I think I talk to my mom more often now that I did when I was in Cleveland. You have to be able to set out and seek and find your fortune. You can say this is a selfish view of the world, but the reverse is equally selfish. If you were required to stay “home” for the appeasement of those around you, isn’t that selfish in the other direction?

I think you have to look at the whole picture.

On balance this adventure seems to be a very good thing.