Today feels like the first real summer day. I know it’s still spring and will be for another month and a half. Riding around here in Seattle my bike tells me it’s around 90º. It’s cooler in the shade, but it’s still pretty toasty.

This gets into the summer trip that we’ve been planning.

Ennie and I were planning on reprising the Alaska trip from a few years ago now that we’re so much closer to start with. The plans are still there, but there might be a monkey wrench in the works: En’s job situation. When she gets a job (hopefully soon) I think it’ll be a long shot to immediately get a couple of weeks off.

Which leads to the question of “What now?”

I can take the trip myself or I can plan a different trip for me. I guess I could skip a vacation, but that’s what I was doing back in the days of Back then I was not using any of my time because En didn’t have a lot of time off. At the end of that I was giving up time because I ran into my cap. Which is not good. It’s not healthy for me either.


Maybe Oregon, Idaho and Montana?