You know I have some pretty schmick wheels I got from Woody. I’ll have a more detailed post about it in the near future.

That’s not exactly what I’m writing about today, however.

It’s TV. Well, on TV at least.

Ennie and I were watching Cosmos on Sunday night drinking cosmos which is a suitably apropos drink. Everything we watch is TiVo-ed so we were skipping some commercials. This is not news. We happened on a pair of adventure bikes in skipping forward. We stopped to watch the ad.

It happens to be an Apple ad. But again, that’s not really the point.

The fun starts around 0:59 into the spot. Sure. it’s a couple on a pair of BMWs — a R1200GS and an R800GS. Cool, but still not news.

Now stop it at 1:01.

Now look closer.

This, for some reason, just blew me away. Here I am mounting up tires on wheels I got from a shop that’s at best niche from Denver, Colorado. Woody of Woody’s Wheel Works is known in the adventure rider community as a wizard. I have a pair of stickers sitting on the coffee table. I look up and there is the same logo. I’m hard pressed to think it can be any other logo.

Good on you, mate!