I’ve been doing bunches of reading about iOS development over the past few months. Reading != programming however. I guess one of the things I do is put off taking the first step of a big project. It’s the blank page syndrome applied to coding.

Little things to procrastinate, like setting up Git for instance.

Today I fired up Xcode and got to work.

Sure, a few hiccups, but it’s nice when what you’re working on starts to work. Not just that, but somehow it feels natural. Like you know it or something.  :-)  I know this is simple shit. I understand that. But it’s still a gratifying feeling. Programming is programming, but changing things up dramatically still has a learning curve.

The only thing that bit me was starting from a blank app I needed to comment out the auto generated code in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions to get my storyboard and controller to start up properly.

This is the blog app that I keep writing about by the way. I’m trying to get something in a state of working enough for a trip in a month or two.