I followed through with my pan to replace the brakes on my bike.

I ordered up a set of Galfer brakes earlier this week and they showed up today in the mail. I decided to go with the wave rotors since I’ve read plenty of good reviews about them.

The key problem, like I was writing before, was an god awful howl on slow-speed braking. This was well beyond the normal brake squeal, and right to banshee-level screaming.

In addition to being kind of cool looking, they claim to be (and have been reviewed to be) better than the stock brakes. The key is that every part of the brake rotor gets swept by some opening in the brake disc — not just holes drilled into the disk.

I mounted them up with no drama this time around. Just take off the wheel, unbolt the disc, bolt on the new one, and reinstall the lot. After that I swapped the pads as well which is a fairly trivial process.

The picture you see up there is with the pads and rotors almost bedded in completely. You can definitely tell where the disc sweeps by the pads — and where it doesn’t. Most of the cross-hatch machining marks have been cleaned up and things look good.

But how does it stop and does it howl?

Obviously at first it stopped like nothing. Like not stopping mostly. Breaking in brakes is a real thing. The first few times you apply the binders they don’t really do as much as you would like. (You need to expect that) Over the course of a few dozen miles with a good controlled bedding process things got a lot better. By the end of it things felt at least as good as the stock brakes (even though they’re not fully broken in) and the howl is gone.

I have to report that under heavy braking at slow speeds I get a squeal, but that’s something I should be able to solve with the normal solutions.

Tomorrow I think I’ll put on the matching rear rotor.