I wrote a week or two back about the pain in the ass experience I had with breaking the bead on some tires I was un-mounting.

Over the weekend I solved the problem for good. Well, I purchased the pre-made solution so I can’t really claim that I did the solving.

I went off to the local Harbor Freight and picked up the $60 bead breaker (that happened to be on sale for $50!)

Putting it together was easy. Three bolts and wing nuts and two pins and cotter-pins later it was together. Perhaps three or four minutes elapsed in the process. (Mostly taking things out of packaging)

Then came the test. I still had the old front tire mounted on my old wheel.

It was anti-climactic.

I pulled out the valve core to give the tire a bit of room to breathe (and to let out the existing air obviously).

Put it on the machine.

Pulled the handle.


Flipped it over to the other side.


A total of around 30 seconds to do both sides including flipping over the wheel. This took me an hour of annoyance before. Now it’s almost a pleasure. I’m looking forward to using it more!

Shoot… I guess I have to wear out my new tires!  ;-)