I’ve been futzing with my iOS app to do mobile blog posts for a while now. I got re-motivated recently and am coding away with gusto.

Here’s the thing: I added a library to handle the XMLRPC that WordPress requires and I was just plain stuck. It added just fine and compiled just fine. It almost seemed to work even.

In most cases (some odd cases didn’t toe the line) the linker resulted in a program that was able to run. The problem was that Objective C addition methods that are used by the library for some reason weren’t getting called properly. I was getting a selector not found error when trying to call some extension methods of NSString.

I hunted for far too long to solve the problem.

You need to specify that you’re linking to Objective C libraries. Really?! Everything is already Objective C to begin with… but you have to specify it manually?!

Word is that it takes up a bit more memory when loading libraries that are Objective C, but my guess is that it’s because you’re loading Objective C libraries!

Grrr… the problem is solved in any case.