Last month I mounted up tires onto my bike. I didn’t bother to balance them and they worked more-or-less OK.

I went on a little ride-about yesterday and noticed that at high speeds I would get a tiny bit of vibration from the bike. It wasn’t as bad as when I ad bent my front wheel, but it was a bit of buzziness that I could feel around 80-90 miles per hour.

When I got home I remembered that I have some dynabeads that I had harvested from some previous tire changes. These are little zirconium oxide milling media beads that have been repurposed for something else. I measured two of them and they came to 0.0327″ and 0.0404″ — like I said, small.

They come in a tube that are measured out in ounces. I put in two ounces in the rear and a hair less than that in the front. (These are re-used beads, so when I un-mounted the previous set of tires I lost some) All I needed to do was remove the valve core and slowly dribble them into the tire through the valve.

I screwed in the valve cores and reinflated the tires with my new air compressor (more on that later) and took a test ride.

Like glass.  :-)

– = –

In case someone is looking for better pricing by buying “milling media” instead of “tire balancing stuff” you can look at Glen Mills and search for ” 7305-000010″ which is their zirconium oxide beads in the 0.08 – 0.10 mm size range. $9.45 a pound is what they’re going for as I’m writing this.

I have a few pounds stashed away that I got in a group buy on AdvRider a while back. I think it’ll last me a little while.

– = –