My badge at work is sucky.

The picture on it is sucky. The source picture is bad, but the picture as printed on the badge is only vaguely human.

Not only that, but the plastic is a fail.

Like, literally, failed.

This is already post fix. You can see the chunk that’s missing from the top. The lanyard no longer stayed in the loop in the badge any more since, well, the loop wasn’t a loop any more. Topologically speaking it’s the same as a badge without a hole at all.

The lanyard, obviously having studied higher maths, agreed that it didn’t have a hole and promptly slipped out.

I convinced things to stay put for a while with tape. That also was sucky.

Today I got into a fixing mood.

Last night I was talking to Holly about adhesives. Epoxy in particular.

Today I checked and lo! I had some J-B Weld in stock. This is serious stuff. It’s metal reinforced epoxy.

On top of that I stuck in some paper clips to further reinforce the now present hole as well.

Both top and bottom got the treatment. Two on top and one on the bottom It’s serving as the rebar in the mix. There were cracks forming in the bottom which is why I attacked that too.

Take that hole.

There. I fixed it.