Yesterday I tried to mend my badge for work.

It was so close to working. The problem was that I was relying on the adhesion between the epoxy and the relatively smooth surface of the plastic.

I tried giving it a bit of a stress test this morning and this was the result:

As you can see it’s no longer attached to the badge.

Well, that was a fail.

Today I decided to turn the fix up to eleven.

Step 1 – sand the badge to provide a bit more “tooth” for the epoxy to hold on to:

Step 2 – Drill holes.

I made two 1/16″ holes and two 5/64″ holes which are used in…

Step 3 – Wire things up:

Now the paper clips are physically attached to the badge. The epoxy now has a different role: stabilization.

Step 4 – Epoxy the living shit out it.

The epoxy is now holding onto both the badge and the metal. The metal is attached to the badge. The epoxy, now on both sides, will prevent the badge from flexing. Even if it does, the epoxy is holding onto the paperclips. The paperclips provide additional reinforcement to prevent flexing. It’s all a system that should work together to keep everything in one piece.

There. I fixed it. Better.