Today was Zoe’s vet appointment with the oncologist.

She (the vet) was nice. She unfortunately more-or-less confirmed our suspicions.

Thankfully she was also supportive of our decisions.

It turns out that Zoe likely has one of two things as it was described to us:

Bad – Skin cancer. In this case she has 1-3 months.

Badder – Lung cancer. In this case she has a few weeks to a month or so.

We can do tests to figure out what it is, but in the end it’s not an actionable result; nothing will change the course of treatment at this point. We were offered X-rays to figure things out, but the vet, like I was saying, didn’t push one or the other. She was even careful to point out that it would be mostly for us humans rather than for Zoe at this point.

While it’s not a good outcome, it’s at least providing some level of framework for where we are now.