Ever since Monday I’ve been playing around with the new language that Apple announced at WWDC: Swift.

One of the annoyances that I have with developing for iOS is that all of the work has to be done with Objective C. Objective C is subjectively sucky. Objectively it’s pretty antiquated. Apple’s done a fine job with getting things modern with garbage collection and reference counting, but it still feels like a clunky language.

One of the things I loved moving from C++ to Java then C# was getting rid of the infernal header files. It’s a little thing I know… but it’s annoying to constantly keep two different files in sync with each other.

Swift finally gets rid of the infernal header files!

On top of that it adopts a far more modern-looking syntax. Finally the square brackets are gone and are replaced with the conventional dot notation. Operator overloading is also in play as well.

It’s interesting. For the most part the languages are isomorphic, but at the same time one just feels better to me.

The current implementation seems to have some rough edges… like the compiler doesn’t give live numbers for errors properly and the editor isn’t hooked up to errors and such. The linker config also seems a bit janky at the moment.

– = –

This begs the question: should I recode the limited bits of code I have for my blogging app in Swift and take it from there… or should I just suck it up and make header files.

At this point I think I’m going to hold my nose and just deal with Objective C for the time being.