My bike has 10,000 miles on it. Ok, a tad more.

I also have the BMW ESA system that lets me adjust the suspension from the handlebars.

The conventional wisdom is that the stock suspension gives up the ghost at around 20K. This seems like a good ways away, but I’m planning around another 5K for a trip this summer plus all the random commuting as well. By the end of the year the shocks will have reached their life expectency.

I feel bad though. A 2009 with only 10K on the clock is a sorry state of affairs, no? Almost 5 years on the calendar… 2k a year is pathetic. Makes me feel bad for the poor bike. My excuse is that in 2011 I broke my leg and 2012 I was moving. 2013 was almost a write-off with problems with the fuel pump and me figuring out the parking situation.

I got better though.  :-)

Which brings me to the present.

I’m really tempted to pull the trigger on an Öhlins setup. It’s a spendy upgrade, but there’s a lot going for it. First off it’s a shit-ton better than stock. Secondly it’s a rebuildable. The stockers are more-or-less stuck with replacement — if they give up the ghost I have to replace them. The Öhlins can get rebuilt at hundreds of shops around the country.

But… $3400?!

But BMW stock components are almost $4,000.

What’s in my head is that I get the Öhlins and save the stock for when I need to get the shocks rebuilt.


But how can you resist the umlauts?