For no good reason I was looking at motorcycles on Craigslist. If forced I’ll tell you that I might want a backup bike at times for when I’m working on the GS… but that’s for another day. (Like if I’m getting shocks redone or something like that… An old cheap KLR would scratch the bike itch.)

Anyway… the thing I noticed on a bunch of the ads there was bikes that claim to have been stored in a heated garage and never ridden in the rain.

What the hell?!

Why are you babying your ride like that?!

It’s a machine. It’s meant to take it.

Maybe if you had a bike from the 30’s I could see only taking it out on “special” days. But a recent-vintage bike? Hell no. A 2007 Ducati Monster should be ridden all the time. No excuses.

It’s like the folks that trailer their Harleys to Sturgis every year. People… you’re trailering something that can move itself thankyouverymuch.