Yesterday Zoe had a pretty good day relatively speaking. She was purring and looking around but not moving around a whole lot.

Last night she slept with me under the covers on the bed next to me like she always did. I sleep on my back and she curls up next to me on my left and uses my hand as a pillow for her head.

We were planning on taking her to the vet at then end of the day… she was slow, but still hanging in first thing in the morning.

Then in a moment’s time she took a turn for the worse. Heavy, labored breathing. Obviously in pain. The cancer had won the war. Calling the vet back we were able to come in right away; we ourselves were in pain watching her like that.

Instead of the carrier I held her on the way to the office. She was a bit calmer when I was holding her. She let out her familiar meow a few times. She hadn’t meowed in a few days.

The vet was kind and we were there to comfort her to the end. I was her person. Doing this was one of the hardest things I had ever needed to do.

She’s not in pain any longer. It’ll take a long time for me to not miss her.