Ennie, Holly, Kim and I went out to see a show tonight down at the Re-Bar. Bawdy Storytelling. It’s like the name would lead you to believe. It’s people telling bawdy — and true — stories about things that have happened to them. Today was the first time they did a show in Seattle and it was a who’s who of sex educators that came out to tell their stories. The lineup today:

  • Reid Mihalko – Fabulous sex educator, blogger, and frequent podcast guest
  • Pamela Madsen – Author and sexuality coach
  • John Woods – Half of the bawdy singing troupe The Wet Spots
  • Allena Gabosch – Executive Director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture right here in Seattle
  • Midori – Sex educator, author, and creator of the famous Rope Bondage Dojo
  • Dan Savage – The inimitable columnist and podcaster of Savage Love, and founder of the It Gets Better Project also from right here in Seattle
  • Rachel Lark – Bawdy musical guest
  • Dixie De La Tour – Host and MC

We had a variant of Bingo — Bang-O where you ask inappropriate questions of your neighbors. “Have you ever had sex outdoors?” If yes, you write down their name and continue with all the other questions. Once you’re done you enter a raffle.

Well, I won an awesome gift bag from Wet!  :-P

Thanks to Wet and the folks from Bawdy Storytelling for a great time and the fabulous gift! If you ever have a chance to go, jump at the chance! Even if you don’t get a prize, I promise you’ll have a great time!