I think I decided on the trip I’m going to take this summer.

We were originally planning to do a trip back north up to Alaska and the Yukon. The problem that happened, if you could even call it a problem, is that En got a job. With a new job you can’t really take time off.

I don’t want to go north without En. We were planning on it and I don’t want to do it alone since it’s something that is ours in a way.

So instead I think I want to go south.

When we were coming back from Astoria we came back on US-101 and the Pacific Coast Highway depending on where I am. I’m thinking about going south for around a week or so with the Pacific to my right then head east a bit and come back home through the Rockies.

Over the next week or so I’ll be coming up with some more detail for the trip to add flesh to the bones of this adventure.

I might even get some Öhlins for the trip.