Well, I pulled the trigger on the new shocks.

I’m a few weeks out from my summer trip… Ennie has a new job and I’m no longer worried about finances on a day-to-day basis.

I should, in theory anyway, have the new shocks in time for next weekend when I can go and mount them up. This will give a few weeks before I use them in anger and hit the road for real.

– = –

I ordered them from Dan at Kyle Racing — Dan’s the owner. I got a smoking deal on them… well, smoking is a relative term in this case… smoking compared to list price at least. I went over my specs and what the compromises might be depending on my load out and I feel comfortable with the end results.

The electronic adjuster will be able to deal with a roughly 130 pound difference in load with the preload. This is sufficient with me with a camping load, but not completely with me and En on the bike at the same time. Compared to the stock BMW shocks though, the amount of sag will be substantially less based on how Öhlins sets things up.

Net-net it’ll wind up being awesome with just me on the back of the bike and simply a huge amount better going 2-up on the beast.

– = –

As I was thinking about the purchase before I gave Dan a call I was pondering the bike in general… It’s one of the few things I’m more than happy with. Sure it’s two versions out-0f-date, but I don’t give a rat’s ass about that. I think I’ll be quite happy mounting up on the back of this bike for a long time. As long as we both can manage it at least.

Would I want another bike in the future? Sure… but not as a replacement for this one. Just an addition.  :-)