This is going to be from the obvious department mostly.

Our deck on the back of our house was getting a bit shabby. From talking the our neighbor we learned that it had been stained once in its life and even that was a bunch of years ago.

We decided a couple weeks ago that this weekend will the be the time to deal with the issue.

Here’s where it gets cool… (well, I have an interesting idea of cool)

Many moons ago we got a demo pressure washer when En worked at TTI / Dirt Devil. She brought home a Dirt Devil pressure washer. We had used it once in the past for cleaning the deck prior to staining it at the house in Solon. Ennie did the deed there so I had never used it.

I used it today.

While it’s not the quickest thing to do, it’s a lot faster than the alternatives.

The difference in the clean versus dirty is pretty amazing.

Yeah, like I said… department of the obvious. If it didn’t work then people wouldn’t use it.

The picture above is wet so it might mask things… But I tried it on the patio furniture as well. I started on the leg of our table to make sure it wouldn’t shred things. It didn’t. I moved on to the top.

This is (mostly) dried wood. You can see the difference. It’s like night and day.

Here’s another view of a dried railing:


You can tell that it’s just taking off the top fraction of a millimeter of the dried wood fiber. A cell or two’s thickness is what I’m guessing — along with the built up mung from the air. The wood that’s underneath is ready to be stained and looks healthy.

Like I said, I get excited about the most mundane things.

We finished off the rest of the deck as well and tomorrow we stain!

[vimeo w=640]