Today I fucked up.

Yesterday, we pressure washed the deck and took off a layer of dead wood.

Today’s task was staining.

We went off to Home Depot and picked up a few gallons on stain and we decided to splurge on a sprayer. A nice low pressure high volume (LPHV) deally from Wagner.

No problem I said. The paint will dry in the atmosphere before it hits the house I said.

I was wrong.

I stained not only the deck, but the house as well.

Then we spent the next 45 minutes un-fucking things up — AKA scrubbing the side of the house. (and cleaning the sprayer since we didn’t want the paint to dry inside of it)

Oh, and I told En to not worry and dismissed her protests… (Also a, maybe an even bigger, fuck up)

Then we scrubbed and scrubbed some more.

Take two… get some plastic to wrap the house.

That mostly worked… 99% working, the rest will require some touch-ups.

All that being said though, even with the extra work, it saved time. Applying the second coat of the stain on the decking took all of 10 minutes including cleanup. 10 minutes instead of an hour or two.

The end result is pretty nice though (except the overspray from where the plastic accidentally didn’t cover).

Oops.  :-/