Today we get a bit of closure for the Zoe thing.

After the bit with the vet we had her cremated.

Today En got a call that her ashes have arrived back at the vet’s office.

It felt so surreal to walk into the office with my motorcycle gear on and announce (without being loud and making the rest of the office too sad) that I’m here for my kitty’s ashes and to pay for their services. So unceremonious to walk out with a cardboard box with her name on it and putting the box into my pannier.

The sticker on the cardboard made it clear that it was CARB certified as not having formaldehyde. Why a 3x3x5″ box need to be certified by the California Air Resource Board I may never know.

Inside the cardboard is a nice cherry (veneer I would imagine) box that is screwed shut. We haven’t opened it up yet. We’re still figuring out what to do with the box and its contents.

In any case, she’s back at home.