For as long as I can remember I’ve liked to always be prepared for “stuff.” I have backups. I have spare parts for various things around the house. When I buy something there’s a good chance I’ll buy two because I’ll need the other one in the future when the first one wears out. If I buy stuff from (awesome online store btw) I’ll typically toss in a few HDMI cables as extras in case I might need one or if I can give it to someone in need.

Then there’s the weird purchases.

A month or so ago I picked up a metric o-ring assortment from Harbor Freight.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a metric o-ring in my life. I was walking by in the isle and put it in the tiny cart I was pushing in front of me. I had the thought that I might need some metric o-rings in the future and hey, I’m already here.

On Friday morning I was looking over the front of the bike in detail just thinking about installing the Öhlins and saw that the steering damper on the front had a very janky looking o-ring. Janky as in “split open.”

I quickly took off the damper assembly and took off the broken o-ring. The other side’s ring was just plain finished as well. You can see its remains on the top-right of that picture.

Lo and behold, I had the exact right o-ring in the box! (pictured bottom left)

Yes, I often joke around that I have things “in stock.” This is sometimes really a good thing. Granted, sometimes I have things in stock that I’ll likely never use… but it’s there just in case.